1. Logging in to the CIUIS account , the Dashboard can be seen as below in the image.

2. On the left side of the page,  all different options such as Panel, Customers, Leads, Projects, Invoices, Proposals, Expenses, Users, Tickets Vendors and Purchases can be seen.

3. To create Customers,  click on the second icon.

4. Clicking on the customer icon, we come to the page showing (New Customer) button, which will lead us to (Create) option as shown in the next step.

5.  The (Create option) can be seen on the right side of the page.

6.  For creating Individual as a Customer , click on the Individual button.

7. In this Section, we enter the required Customer’s details.

8. After entering all the Customer’s details at the end of this Section, click on the (Create) button, to save the Customer.

9. New Customer (pqr) is created.

10. Now on clicking back on the Customer’s icon on the left side of the page, we see that the newly created customer is added to the list.

11. Note: For creating Company as a Customer, enter the company’s details directly in Step 5