How To install

Ciuis™ CRM

With Ciuis CRM you can easily manage your customer relationships and save time on your business.

System Requirements

PHP 5.6 and PHP 7.0 (Most Compatible )
  • MYSQL 5.1+
  • mod_rewrite Apache
  • Mcrypt Extension
  • MBString Extension
  • GD Extension
  • MYSQLi Extension
  • PDO Extension
  • OpenSSL Extension
  • Zip Extension
  • CURL Extension
  • Cpanel, Virtualmin,, Plexpanel, etc. We don't support installations on bare VPS. 


Create Database

You'll need to set up a database to store all your data.

 1. Click on "New" to create a new database.

 2. Type in your database name. Remember the name you used, you'll be needing it later. We'll use "ciuis" for this demonstration.

 3. Click on "Create".

Click on "Install Now"

Click on the "Install Now" button to begin the Installation.

Check for Requirements.

Make sure all the dependencies are installed.

 Click "Next" only if you see "Green Tick" beside all the dependencies.


Enter Credentials

1. Type in your Hostname.

 2. Type in your Username. Default Username is set to "root"

 3. Type in your Password. Default Password is set to "root"

 4. Select the Database you created earlier. "ciuis" in this case.

 5. Check the box next to htaccess to give .htaccess.

 6. Click on "Install"


Click on "Login"

Wait for a moment for the installation to complete.

 Verify your login credentials.

 Click on "Login" to be taken to the main login page.


Enter the credentials you set earlier.

 Click on "Login"



 You have successfully logged into CiuisCRM.






Installation Video

Configure database connection

You need to have previously setup database from the cPanel.

Here is a good tutorial on how to setup MySQL database in cPanel if you are not familiar with this.

  1. Login to cPanel by accessing and navigate go MySQL Databases.
  2. Create database.
  3. Create user and setup your password.
  4. Add the user to the database by selecting the database and the username.

Make sure you have checked All privileges when adding the user to the database.


Upload Files & Install


  • Upload the all files to your hosting folder

  • The localhost installation is the same.
  • Baseurl occurs automatically.
  • After installation delete install folder.



404 Not Found

If you are getting 404 not found after you install Ciuis CRM this means that you need to adjust the main .htaccess for Ciuis.

First, make sure that the .htaccess file exists in the main folder where you installed Ciuis CRM. If you are using any OS make sure you have enabled hidden files on your MAC.

Make sure that you have mod_rewrite enabled in your server.

NOTE: Only apply the following suggestions if you are getting 404 error not found, the default Ciuis CRM .htaccess file should work well on most servers.

Installation on the subfolder.

This .htaccess may apply if you installed Ciuis CRM next to WordPress installation and you are auto-redirected to WordPress default 404 Page.  

RewriteEngine on
RewriteBase /subfoldername/
RewriteCond $1 !^(index\.php|resources|robots\.txt)
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php?/$1 [L,QSA]
AddDefaultCharset utf-8

*note: the "/subfoldername/ is the name of the subfolder on your host web server

Installation on subdomain

RewriteEngine on
RewriteBase /
RewriteCond $1 !^(index\.php|resources|robots\.txt)
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php?/$1 [L,QSA]
AddDefaultCharset utf-8

Getting an error 500 and you are using cPanel

If you getting this error try to change your PHP version to 7.0 or 7.2+++

RewriteEngine on
RewriteCond $1 !^(index\.php|resources|robots\.txt)
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f
RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d
RewriteRule ^(.*)$ subfoldername/index.php?/$1 [L,QSA]
AddDefaultCharset utf-8