Remove Ciuis Branding Manually


1. Change default app logo:

Replace the dafault logo logo.png with yours in ulpoads/ciuis_settings/  folder.

Your logo image name should be logo.png

2. Change favicon:

Replace the default favicon ciuis-icon with yours by same name in folder: 'assets/img/ciuis-icon.png'



3. Change Meta Description:

Change meta description of customer area, line number 7 in application/views/area/inc/header.php file

Change meta description of admin, line number 7 in application/views/inc/header.php file



4.  Change language translations:

Change language translations in application/language/english/english_lang.php

Change Ciuis name with yours in your respective language file:

lines are: 

  • 9) $lang[ 'loginsystem' ] = 'Login Ciuis™ CRM';
  • 10) $lang[ 'logintitle' ] = 'Ciuis™ CRM';
  • 18) $lang[ 'loginhelptext' ] = 'Ciuis™ CRM software for customer relationship management is available for sale, so you can get more information to take advantage of your exclusive concierge.';
  • 27) $lang[ 'crmwelcome' ] = 'Ciuis™ CRM';
  • 29) $lang[ 'welcomemessagetwo' ] = 'Welcome! With Ciuis CRM you can easily manage your customer relationships and save time on your business.';
  • 903) $lang[ 'areatitleindex' ] = 'Ciuis™ CRM Customer Area';
  • 904) $lang[ 'areatitleinvoices' ] = 'Ciuis™ CRM Customer Invoices';
  • 905) $lang[ 'areatitleproposals' ] = 'Ciuis™ CRM Customer Proposals';
  • 906) $lang[ 'areatitleprojects' ] = 'Ciuis™ CRM Customer Projects';
  • 907) $lang[ 'areatitletickets' ] = 'Ciuis™ CRM Customer Tickets';


5. Change left image of admin/client login screen

  • Change login screen left image login.jpg with yours by same name in assets/img/login.jpg folder.


You can upload your image in assets/img folder and then change the file name with your new uploaded file in assets/css/ciuis-app.css line number: 24681



6.  Remove Ciuis Support button from client area

Remove line number 50 from application/views/area/login/login.php file